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I love professions!  I really do enjoy leveling them but, on my alt priest I had decided to only focus on my 2 main professions and to forget the secondary professions.  My main had already cooking, fishing and first aid maxed out.  Why would I need a second character with the same skills?

However, as my second character began questing in Northrend, it wasn’t long before she came across the cooking recipes that drop.

Every time one of those recipes would drop and I would pass on it.  At first, it was rare to see the recipe drop but gradually, as I started running more and more dungeons, it seemed as those recipes would always drop!  And every time, passing on them became more and more tedious!  Slowly, the recipes wore me down and I would greed them just to stop seeing them drop again!

Of course, now that they had their claws in me, they took up residence in my bags, taking up unnecessary space in my bank.  Destroying the recipes would do nothing except bring more recipes to haunt my future dungeons runs.   I had no choice.

I had to level cooking.


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** April 23, 2011 Edit:  A more up-to-date “big crit” post can be found here. **

Havoca over at More Than a Portal wrote this post about Spellsteal.  Basically on when good mages should and shouldn’t use it.

There was one part that stood out for me, though:

If you’re running Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom…NEVER steal Icy Winds from those skellies on top of the pillars. Obviously, stealing the spell makes the spell a buff, and you can easily cancel it, but Icy Winds is horrible.

Well, I disagree – if you’re playing as a frost mage.  You’ll score the most damage ever to exist in WoW.


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I know exactly where I was.  I was online in Azeroth with two of my long-time, real life friends.

Our somewhat serious raiding and leveling guild got overwhelmed by drama and subsequently collapsed and we were without a home.  We had options as to where we could go, but we ultimately decided that we didn’t want to deal with big guild drama.  Or having some snot-nosed kid pulling rank.  We wanted to play World of Warcraft on our own terms.

So we formed our own guild.

And thus was the birth of The Zug Initiative. 

Happy Birthday, guys!

The guild has evolved a bit over the last few years.  From mostly an alt guild to a casual guild that can pull off a few 10-man raids here and there.

It’s been loads of fun and I look forward to keep things going!

(Okay, I’ll admit, Pacheco beat me to the punch.  But I’ll use the excuse of her being 3 time zones ahead of me!)

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