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Well, a few of the blogs that I read have chimed in with their thoughts on the changes to raiding for Cataclysm.  A few other blogs with their take on the matter have also been mentioned by WoW.com.

Now, I’m sure most of you have probably done your own fair bit of reading and opinion making at this point.  I probably should have put up a post with my thoughts sooner if they were to have any impact.  But I didn’t.  The hampsters are getting fat and lazy, and as such, they aren’t running in their wheels as much as they should.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  What IS here is my opinion.  I know you didn’t ask, but you’ll get it anyway. 🙂


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I’m helping Chawa’s priest hunt down the Abyssal Rune from regular ToC.  I decide to go as a tank in hopes of quick queue times.

But this is what I see:

These wait times are unheard of for tanks! WTF!

The things we do for our better halves, eh guys?  nowutimean?

** Edit – 25 minutes later:  After a disconnect, a requeue and maybe another 7 minutes, we got into a group.   The first thing that someone said, “How many of you are here for trinkets?”  Seems everyone but me was.  That said, fairly smooth run despite some bickering over someone wanting The Black Heart (before we even got through the first fight).  Chawa’s trinket dropped and she got it, though.  Hooray!

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So last night a few people in the guild were organizing a Heroic Halls of Reflection run to try to farm what is apparently the only decent healing offhand that doesn’t drop in a 25-person raid. We had tanking and healing covered so I switched to my warlock, who is my best-geared DPS toon.

Unfortunately my best-geared DPS toon is not geared enough to queue for heroic HoR. We swapped around and I ended up tanking on my DK with the healer switching to an off-spec and the tank switching to healing. A couple of issues but we got through and even got the off-hand to drop.

However, this got me thinking that maybe I’ve gone a bit too far with my prioritization of healing and tanking specs. Maybe I need to spend more time blowing things up again.


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Last weekend was full of lots of raiding.  Some highs, some lows, some guildies, some puggers.  The focus will be on the latter.  It was interesting.  Anyway, moving along…

Friday night, the guild started off with the weekly raid on Friday night, which was the first boss in ICC:  Marrowgar.  We have downed him before, so we went in there with a good bit of confidence – and rightfully so.  Once he was downed, we decided to keep on trucking deeper into ICC.  After a couple of wipes on bosses (and Gunship suicides), we managed to clear the first wing of ICC for the first time!*  So, congratulations, Zug Initiative!!! 😀 

But for this guy, there was more to be had…


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Before a raid fight begins, I subconsciously physically shift into position.  I will roll about on my bouncy ball until I find a comfortable balance.  In some instances, I’ve got to amputate the cat from my lap on to the padded foot stool next to the desk and try to ignore the cat’s accusatory glare of infidelity.  Keyboard, mouse or headset cables must be tucked away because I can’t stand them brushing up against me while I’m playing.  Both the keyboard and the mouse are re-positioned for comfort all for the goal of giving the best raid performance I can.

Of course, I’m sure that this ideal posture and position only lasts about 5 secs into the start of the actual fight.

Hence, in between bosses, I may have to re-correct my posture, my balance on the bouncy ball, the position of both my mouse and keyboard.

My mouse is quite new actually.  I splurged for one of those Razer ones and it’s the first mouse I have ever owned with that many buttons.  I’m finally putting those buttons to good use on my priest when she heals, but outside of my priest, I really have no idea what those buttons are tied to.

Turns out that one of them, the one directly on the side of the mouse, is tied to the automatic run function.  This I discovered when I was repositioning my mouse for the Gunship Battle in ICC.  As I shifted my mouse closer, my hand bumped into my keyboard.  I heard that deadly click and gasped as Chawa ran right off the edge of Ogrim’s Hammer.

Sadly, the rocket packs don’t work when you’re falling to your doom.

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