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That’s right… after a bit of a lull with WoW the last week or two, I’m re-energized to get playing again.

It’s not so much that I’ve been disinterested in WoW as of late, but I’ve kind of peaked out on my gear for the content that I’m our guild is currently facing. I’ve also been distracted by a lovely shiny. Mind you, I’m quite hopeful that we’re going to get into ICC a bit sooner than I initially anticipated. We did great in ToC-10 with only 9 people last weekend and I’m sure we’ll push even further if we get a full group of 10 people consistently.

Now, of course, I could always work on alts to keep interest high. I’ve been playing this game regularly since 2006 and I’ve only got two 80’s to show for it. But I have been working on my Warlock and Death Knight, which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. (Even if some days questing can feel a bit chore-esque.) That said; there has been something I’ve been doing lately that has gotten me rather eager to play some more:

Healing on my druid. *GASP!*


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