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A Quick Shout-Out

Just wanted to put a quick shout-out to the “Chaotic Exiles” on Kael’thas.

One of their members, Jiina, had tagged along for some of our Naxx runs nearly a year ago. Every now and then we’d /wave to each other around Dalaran or in Wintergrasp.

Well, she was nice enough to invite Darth as the fifth DPS for an ICC run Tuesday night.  We got Marrowgar down to 112k when he enraged (fight time – 10:29!) and we were no more.  No other attempts were that close.

They were nice enough to take me along for a second attempt last night, even though they could have filled that spot with a guild mate.  Very kind to extend that courtesy, really.  Anyway, we never did get that four-headed jerkhole down, unfortunately.  But we did get to take out Toravon, the new boss in the Vault of Archavon.  WOOT!  (Those orbs are annnoooooying!)

So yeah, again, thanks for bringing me along, especially on the second night when you could have easily switched me out for a guild mate!

It was a lot of fun!
(And now I’ve got some ideers to try for when our guild goes for it!)

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