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That’s right… after a bit of a lull with WoW the last week or two, I’m re-energized to get playing again.

It’s not so much that I’ve been disinterested in WoW as of late, but I’ve kind of peaked out on my gear for the content that I’m our guild is currently facing. I’ve also been distracted by a lovely shiny. Mind you, I’m quite hopeful that we’re going to get into ICC a bit sooner than I initially anticipated. We did great in ToC-10 with only 9 people last weekend and I’m sure we’ll push even further if we get a full group of 10 people consistently.

Now, of course, I could always work on alts to keep interest high. I’ve been playing this game regularly since 2006 and I’ve only got two 80’s to show for it. But I have been working on my Warlock and Death Knight, which I’ve enjoyed thoroughly. (Even if some days questing can feel a bit chore-esque.) That said; there has been something I’ve been doing lately that has gotten me rather eager to play some more:

Healing on my druid. *GASP!*


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My last post on healing included the statement that I was unconvinced that Tranquility was useful but that I really should get around to doing a proper analysis.

So I did.

Basically, I wanted to compare Tranquility against a pretty common group-healing method — Wild Growth followed by five Rejuvenations.

Interestingly, with enough Haste for a 1 second GCD they both take a similar amount of time. Additionally, Tranquility‘s mana cost is a little lower and can be covered by a single Clearcasting proc.

My conclusion is that from the standpoint of raw healing output there’s nothing better I can do in six seconds than cast Tranquility but that it doesn’t always matter.

Warning! Questionable attempt at Theorycrafting follows.


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Big, Red and in Wrath

The first wow-related blog that I ever bookmarked had to be Big Red Kitty, which for those who don’t know, was a hunter blog, originally with a focus on the Beast Master spec.

Eventually even BRK switched specs after the Blizzard hit Beastmasters with the Nerf bat back in Dec 2008.

But I didn’t.

Back in Dec 2008, I hadn’t hit 80 yet. I was making my way through the regular dungeons of Northrend. I wasn’t far behind– I hit 80 in early Jan 09 and from there, started playing in the heroic dungeons and in Naxx with the guild.

To be honest, I have never seen a reason to switch specs. Sure, I’ve read all about how BM was not the optimal raiding spec. And yes, I know that the best raiding pet out there was a wolf, yet my sidekick was a cat.

Guildies could correct me here but honestly, as I know it, my DPS has always been decent. I’m not going to say something ridiculously cocky and claim to be the best DPSER in our 10mans but I will say that I was consistently among the top DPSers.

When I compared my performance to the hunters in my guild who were speced MM or SURV, the difference between our DPS was minor. Sometimes I’d be on top, sometimes I’d be behind them, it of course depended on the fight.

I’ve read about people who were forced to spec MM or SURV for their guilds.  It’s always made me happy to know that my guild wasn’t like that, being the causal raiders that we are.

I’ve read about people who were made fun of because they were BM and therefore NOOB however, personally I’ve never experienced it. In the few PUGs I’ve been in, the only question I get is usually “where did you get that pet” due to my spirit beast.

The only pressure I’ve ever felt to change my spec has been my own and that is due to my belief that I should play to the best of my ability.

That philosophy was put in the spotlight over at WoW.com with Frostheim’s hunter “Can Beast Mastery Raid?”

Ignoring the title of the article, I agree with him on the fact that

Raiding is a team sport. It’s not just about carrying your minimum DPS mark, it’s about doing everything you can to help the team.”

To date, this has meant going to the Raids with flasks, potions and food.  It’s meant throwing down a Fish Feast to feed those who had forgotten their own food buffs.  More recently, it’s meant carrying epic ammo.

And now, I’ve convinced myself that I’ve got to apply that same philosophy to my spec as well.  At least to try it out.  At least to see if I could do better.

So last week, in secret, I dualspeced my hunter.

I activated my 2nd spec, read “You have unlearned Bestial Wrath” and felt sad.  Then lonely when I realized my spirit beast had disappeared on his own.


I still have to go out and test it, away from the heroic testing dummies.  Thus far, I haven’t seen an improvement but it is a new rotation.  I can already feel it nagging me to glyph it properly and then switch out my AP gems for Agility ones.  It also wants me to tame a wolf.  If I do, I’m tempted to name it “Sellout”.

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I’ve been sitting on this post for some time but thought I may as well just get it out there. Worst case I’ll be wrong on the Internet.
I thought I’d have a go at an introduction to WoW healing. Some of this originally appeared as a comment to a post of but I thought it was worth fleshing out.
With each of my healing classes I try to work out which set of spells work best for healing the tank, for healing incidental damage to the rest of the group and for dealing with larger group damage. After that it’s just practice.
But before getting to that point I needed to figure out a few general healing principles.

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The Missing Link

Just a quick note from me today!

I’ve recently discovered that a couple of other WoW bloggers may have included Wayward on their Blogroll/links pages. 

Firstly – Many thanks!  That’s very kind.

Secondly – I will do my best to include a link to the referring site.  It’s the courteous thing to do!

That said, there might be a blog site or two that has linked us and I don’t have included on our blogroll.  If that is the case, please feel free to let me know and I will do my best to correct that!

I’ve also tried to organize the links (on the right side of the page) a little differently.  As some blogs are focused on (but not limited to) certain classes, I’ve broken up the links to reflect that.  General WoW blogs will remain as is.

If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions (blogs, organization, what colour socks to wear, etc.), please do not hesitate to let me know.

Hope all is well!

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