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Cursing Warlocks

I am an amateur at PVP.  I don’t die as much as I used to thanks to the resilience I have gained from my pvp armour set (might as well spend the honour points if you’ve got them) but lets face it, a set of Deadly Gladiator gear does not necessarily make you deadly.

I’m a keyboard turner.  I have pvp trinkets that are supposed to free you from stuns but they never seem to work when I smash them.  I’ve seen many an enemy melee player dance literal circles around me!  And I haven’t bothered to dual spec just to make a pvp spec.  I’m all amateur baby!

Thankfully, Wintergrasp is very friendly to noob-pvpers like myself, who might not know how to survive a one-on-one battle but who do at least know their roles.  On defense, you’ll probably find me in a turret.  On offense, I’ll be shooting them down the guns from below or from atop the tower.  I know that if I see a tree, I should target it.  I really should be improving my playing by going south to help take down the towers or keep them up …..

Anyway, I’m rambling away from my original idea for this post… What I’d like to know is which class is your greatest enemy in the battlegrounds? 

Lately, the one that has given me the most grief is the Warlock class.  In the span of a few seconds, I’ll be cursed and debuffed in 3 to 4 different ways.  Usually, these warlocks are targeting you from above so when you fight back, all they do is scurry back into the fortress for safety, wearing a smug smile on their faces.  Meanwhile, with nothing to target, you’re left watching your health bar fall steadily.  If you’re equipped, and quick enough to remember, you’ll down a health potion that might save you.  If not, you’ll be standing next to a spirit rezer wondering what happened.  Either way, you’ll be cursing warlocks.

I was cursing them bad enough to be motivated to dig up a Hunter PVP class-orientated tactic guide that I know I had seen in one of the many blogs I read.  Thankfully, it didn’t take me too long to find it on Out DPS’s website:  Tricks of the Hunter Trade

Unfortunately, I now know that I’m not alone:

3 – Don’t get mad when locks kill you. They counter us harder than anything except paladins.

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