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WoW is boring. Or is it?

Chawa’s been dominating the posts as of late, so it’s time I ante up.  🙂

So, anyway, a few days ago Meka over at Mekapedia made some observations about why some people, particularly higher end raiders and bloggers, were leaving WoW.  It was noted that when people left in BC, it was due to real life aggro – while in Wrath, more and more people seem to be leaving because of boredom.  She also sympathized with her own thoughts on raiding in Wrath and why some people may find the game boring now.

To quote:

And raiding in Lich King has been … poor. We got welfare epics coming out of our ears, the raids aren’t hard at all, nothing new. Ditching attunements and pouring emblems over us was a bad misstake, the general quality of raid groups are just appaling now adays, the hardest part about any given raid is the poor skills of the players, and if you do go in with a good group you’ll faceroll pretty much anything.

Maybe this is the cause, by making the game accessible to anyone, it also took out the challenge of it. You’ll only be truly challenged in the game now if you do progression raids in one of those realm best guilds, or compete in the Arena at the higest rankings. Yes there’s a lot to do in wow, but there’s almost no challenge in anything. You can do pretty much anything if you just dedicate time. So is this the cause to the “I’m bored, I’m cancelling my account” thing going on right now?

I propose a different reason for boredom with WoW.

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