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I’m a sucker for positivity!

Hear ye, hear ye & hey you – pay attention! 

/ready check everyone!

I wanted to do my small part and spread the message of Gnomeaggedon, who issued a challenge to WoW players of all kinds!

As per his original post:

Here is a challenge for ALL of you.

For the next week, well from this point forward, but at least for the next week, I want you to do an attitudinal shift.


  • No failpug stories… none! If you have one, draft it and put it aside, see if you still want to post it in a week.
  • Actively remember and write about the Best Pugging People in the game
  • When (not if) you participate in the “Everyone” activities below, make sure you publicize it via your blog.


  • You are welcome to write your Best Pugging People in the comments here (on Gnomer’s original post), but I want to shift the attitude in the whole game.  While I am happy that I get between 600-1,000 readers a day, that’s not quite 11-12 million players, so
  • Go to your realm forums and start a thread called “The Best Pugging People in the Game”.
  • Call some people out for being great, write a story if you are so inclined
  • Go to their realm forum and do the same thing
  • Remember that the Trolls will love this, there is a good chance that your 1st post will become infested… that’s OK.  Most people aren’t Trolls, and we will rise up and put them back in their little boxes.

Now go read Gnomer’s post in which he recounts a tale of true heroism, in a Pug of all things!  Yes my friend, such good stories do happen!  Or in the case of the last pug I participated in, there are in fact death knights that know that tanking in blood presence is a no-no! 

Of course, if you do happen to run into that deathknight that tanked in blood presence, with a blood spec, in DPS gear – don’t give up!  It may very well be that your replacement tank will be stellar!   And there, just like that, you’ll find your best pugging people story!



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