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Yes, it’s been quiet here

Sadly, I haven’t had much time to log on and play this week.

I have been thinking about playing though.  Last week, I had a serious case of Altitis.  I dreamed of making new alts.  From a feral, deadly kitty cat in WSG to a holy paladin, who would level via instances as soon as she could. 

(What’s ironic is that I’ve already got a low level druid and paladin waiting for my attention.  Actually, the druid is waiting for the Barrens to be tore asunder and the pally… hmmm I’m not sure what she’s waiting for.)

However, I can’t give in to my Altitis.  I have other things that I should do first. 

Chawa should be running a daily random for Frost emblems.  She should also jump into Wintergrasp too.  She hasn’t done those weekly quests yet.  She should also know what the weekly raid quest is….     It’s Thursday, do you know what your realms weekly raid quest is?

My deathknight should be doing her daily jewelcrafting quests.  She’s also a miner.  However, I don’t want to bother with mining until she can fly in Northrend.  Getting stomped on by a giant sucks.  She’s only 2 levels shy of being able to read her Tome of Cold Weather Flying, not that she wouldn’t be able to understand it if she were to read it now.  Silly Kirin Tor and their old-fashioned rules. 

And then, there is my level 71 priest.  The 2nd character that I’ve managed to get that high.  I should really get her to 80.  It would be good to have an Alt to run with the guildies’s alts for Alt-run raid fun.  Plus getting her to 80 would mean getting that much needed healer experience that I need. 

Of course, both my deathknight and my priest don’t have epic flying yet.  I definitely do not want to grind mining on my deathknight without an epic flyer (See giant stomp note above).  I also can not stand watching my priest being followed by a warlock in an epic flying machine.  It blocks my entire screen with its jerky, hard-to-believe-safe, movements. 

Epic flying would mean spending alot of gold which is something I don’t like doing.  So Chawa should really also do some quick and easy cash reward dailies.  Except, I can’t help thinking, it would probably be more fun doing the loremaster of northrend for cash…  which leads me to think I should do all of the loremaster achievements…  …..  which is just a crazy, crazy idea!

So this has been my problem.  Too much thinking and not enough playing.  That’s probably why I’m leaning towards a new alt, who would have a fresh start in the world, with no worries or responsibilities..

I just need to go play.

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