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Most LFD stories go into some length of how a group (or part of it) was filled with fail.  This one is slightly different.  As it was mostly some bad luck and our own little bit of fail. 😛

So, last night we only a few guildies were left when Chawa and I were able to log on.  (We’re two or three time zones “behind” most of our guild mates.)  We grouped up and ran a normal HoR run in hopes of a couple of tank upgrades for our pally, so I was running on Darth.  He got a cloak and although there were no drops of interest from the rest of the run, we kept going.  Finished it up, no problem…it was on “normal” after all!  We wanted to keep going and I wanted my 2 x EoF’s on Darth, so we opted for a random. 

One of our DPS dropped and our healer (guest poster Brokentree) switched from his Tree Druid to get some practice Healadin.  The ol’ LFD system ushered us into HToC picking up an Arms Warrior as our third DPS.  The first bosses we got were the Dranei healer, Dwarf rogue, and Gnome mage.  Healer went down fine although I missed a couple of interrupts due to cooldowns and polymorph.  Seems our DPS warrior also went down fine.  Not quite sure how she died (I think it was a poison pool), but she released and scooted back into the instance. 

Finished that off and then we were on Paletress.  Due to some range issues with the fear segment, our warrior went down again.  (I think Chawa might have died and flew back in for this one, too?)  But finally Paletress bought the farm as well. 

On to the Black Knight.  During phase two, a bit too much ghoul aggro and the warrior died again and flew back.  And during phase 3, I think both she and Chawa died just as the Black Knight was going down.  Pretty tough practice run for our Healadin, but we made it through and fortunately the warrior didn’t seem to get too upset by the deaths.

Us guildies were still up for more and the warrior didn’t immediately drop the group, so we offered her to come along for another.  Seems that she was up for it and off we went to Utgarde Pinnacle.  The first boss was smited with no problem, except for the fact that when she died, the “sword phase” was still ongoing.  So when the warrior and our tank went up to fetch loot, they both got hit with the massive debuff/DoT.  The warrior, of course, died again.  Poor girl.  Rez goes out and we move along. 

Second boss, no problem.  Now to Skadi.  Everything went very smooth.  Run to halfway, let the tank pick everyone up, AoE.  Scurry to the end, get everyone down and pick up harpoons as they drop.  Get Skadi.  Almost lost the warrior to the whirlwind, but Skadi died without losing anyone from our group.  Huzzah!

And wouldn’t you know it, the Reins of the Blue Proto-Drake dropped! 

We stated in Party-chat for everyone to need, which everyone did.  And I’m quite happy to say that the luck of our high-repair-bill warrior had turned around, for she had won the roll!  We go on to finish our run without further incident.

So, there you have it. 

Even after a few deaths, it might be worth your while to tough it out!

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