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I’m dappling with the Loremaster Achievement.

With wowhead’s completion tracker, I can find which zone had the most incomplete quests for Chawa.  If I was in a rush for the achievement, I would have headed straight to Silithus, a zone that I had completely skipped, which has over 100 incomplete quests for me.  That would have been too easy and I’m in no rush.  Besides, I’m sure I’ll end up there at some point…   /sigh of resignation.

I decided to do the incomplete quests that I had left in the zones that will change the most when Cataclysm hits.  This is really the last opportunity to experience these zones in their current state so I might as well take advantage.

For those curious:  Here’s the list of zones that will be forever changed by Cataclysm:

My first stop:  Azshara.  With Wowhead’s list, I randomly picked 3 quests and identified the 3 different quest givers.

The first one bugged out on me.  Reading the comments of the quest to see if I had done something wrong lead me to discover that this particular quest doesn’t even count towards Loremaster.

The second one wanted to send me to the exact place I was trying to avoid, Silithus.

And the third one didn’t give me a quest.  Turns out he’s part of a long quest chain that starts in the Swamp of Sorrows, on the other side of the world.


Well, at least I have a definite starting point.

So long for now Azshara – the most difficult zone to travel through in all of Azeroth!

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Cursing Warlocks

I am an amateur at PVP.  I don’t die as much as I used to thanks to the resilience I have gained from my pvp armour set (might as well spend the honour points if you’ve got them) but lets face it, a set of Deadly Gladiator gear does not necessarily make you deadly.

I’m a keyboard turner.  I have pvp trinkets that are supposed to free you from stuns but they never seem to work when I smash them.  I’ve seen many an enemy melee player dance literal circles around me!  And I haven’t bothered to dual spec just to make a pvp spec.  I’m all amateur baby!

Thankfully, Wintergrasp is very friendly to noob-pvpers like myself, who might not know how to survive a one-on-one battle but who do at least know their roles.  On defense, you’ll probably find me in a turret.  On offense, I’ll be shooting them down the guns from below or from atop the tower.  I know that if I see a tree, I should target it.  I really should be improving my playing by going south to help take down the towers or keep them up …..

Anyway, I’m rambling away from my original idea for this post… What I’d like to know is which class is your greatest enemy in the battlegrounds? 

Lately, the one that has given me the most grief is the Warlock class.  In the span of a few seconds, I’ll be cursed and debuffed in 3 to 4 different ways.  Usually, these warlocks are targeting you from above so when you fight back, all they do is scurry back into the fortress for safety, wearing a smug smile on their faces.  Meanwhile, with nothing to target, you’re left watching your health bar fall steadily.  If you’re equipped, and quick enough to remember, you’ll down a health potion that might save you.  If not, you’ll be standing next to a spirit rezer wondering what happened.  Either way, you’ll be cursing warlocks.

I was cursing them bad enough to be motivated to dig up a Hunter PVP class-orientated tactic guide that I know I had seen in one of the many blogs I read.  Thankfully, it didn’t take me too long to find it on Out DPS’s website:  Tricks of the Hunter Trade

Unfortunately, I now know that I’m not alone:

3 – Don’t get mad when locks kill you. They counter us harder than anything except paladins.

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WoW is boring. Or is it?

Chawa’s been dominating the posts as of late, so it’s time I ante up.  🙂

So, anyway, a few days ago Meka over at Mekapedia made some observations about why some people, particularly higher end raiders and bloggers, were leaving WoW.  It was noted that when people left in BC, it was due to real life aggro – while in Wrath, more and more people seem to be leaving because of boredom.  She also sympathized with her own thoughts on raiding in Wrath and why some people may find the game boring now.

To quote:

And raiding in Lich King has been … poor. We got welfare epics coming out of our ears, the raids aren’t hard at all, nothing new. Ditching attunements and pouring emblems over us was a bad misstake, the general quality of raid groups are just appaling now adays, the hardest part about any given raid is the poor skills of the players, and if you do go in with a good group you’ll faceroll pretty much anything.

Maybe this is the cause, by making the game accessible to anyone, it also took out the challenge of it. You’ll only be truly challenged in the game now if you do progression raids in one of those realm best guilds, or compete in the Arena at the higest rankings. Yes there’s a lot to do in wow, but there’s almost no challenge in anything. You can do pretty much anything if you just dedicate time. So is this the cause to the “I’m bored, I’m cancelling my account” thing going on right now?

I propose a different reason for boredom with WoW.

(More behind the cut…I just found the feature, and damn, I’m gonna use it!)


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I’m a sucker for positivity!

Hear ye, hear ye & hey you – pay attention! 

/ready check everyone!

I wanted to do my small part and spread the message of Gnomeaggedon, who issued a challenge to WoW players of all kinds!

As per his original post:

Here is a challenge for ALL of you.

For the next week, well from this point forward, but at least for the next week, I want you to do an attitudinal shift.


  • No failpug stories… none! If you have one, draft it and put it aside, see if you still want to post it in a week.
  • Actively remember and write about the Best Pugging People in the game
  • When (not if) you participate in the “Everyone” activities below, make sure you publicize it via your blog.


  • You are welcome to write your Best Pugging People in the comments here (on Gnomer’s original post), but I want to shift the attitude in the whole game.  While I am happy that I get between 600-1,000 readers a day, that’s not quite 11-12 million players, so
  • Go to your realm forums and start a thread called “The Best Pugging People in the Game”.
  • Call some people out for being great, write a story if you are so inclined
  • Go to their realm forum and do the same thing
  • Remember that the Trolls will love this, there is a good chance that your 1st post will become infested… that’s OK.  Most people aren’t Trolls, and we will rise up and put them back in their little boxes.

Now go read Gnomer’s post in which he recounts a tale of true heroism, in a Pug of all things!  Yes my friend, such good stories do happen!  Or in the case of the last pug I participated in, there are in fact death knights that know that tanking in blood presence is a no-no! 

Of course, if you do happen to run into that deathknight that tanked in blood presence, with a blood spec, in DPS gear – don’t give up!  It may very well be that your replacement tank will be stellar!   And there, just like that, you’ll find your best pugging people story!



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Yes, it’s been quiet here

Sadly, I haven’t had much time to log on and play this week.

I have been thinking about playing though.  Last week, I had a serious case of Altitis.  I dreamed of making new alts.  From a feral, deadly kitty cat in WSG to a holy paladin, who would level via instances as soon as she could. 

(What’s ironic is that I’ve already got a low level druid and paladin waiting for my attention.  Actually, the druid is waiting for the Barrens to be tore asunder and the pally… hmmm I’m not sure what she’s waiting for.)

However, I can’t give in to my Altitis.  I have other things that I should do first. 

Chawa should be running a daily random for Frost emblems.  She should also jump into Wintergrasp too.  She hasn’t done those weekly quests yet.  She should also know what the weekly raid quest is….     It’s Thursday, do you know what your realms weekly raid quest is?

My deathknight should be doing her daily jewelcrafting quests.  She’s also a miner.  However, I don’t want to bother with mining until she can fly in Northrend.  Getting stomped on by a giant sucks.  She’s only 2 levels shy of being able to read her Tome of Cold Weather Flying, not that she wouldn’t be able to understand it if she were to read it now.  Silly Kirin Tor and their old-fashioned rules. 

And then, there is my level 71 priest.  The 2nd character that I’ve managed to get that high.  I should really get her to 80.  It would be good to have an Alt to run with the guildies’s alts for Alt-run raid fun.  Plus getting her to 80 would mean getting that much needed healer experience that I need. 

Of course, both my deathknight and my priest don’t have epic flying yet.  I definitely do not want to grind mining on my deathknight without an epic flyer (See giant stomp note above).  I also can not stand watching my priest being followed by a warlock in an epic flying machine.  It blocks my entire screen with its jerky, hard-to-believe-safe, movements. 

Epic flying would mean spending alot of gold which is something I don’t like doing.  So Chawa should really also do some quick and easy cash reward dailies.  Except, I can’t help thinking, it would probably be more fun doing the loremaster of northrend for cash…  which leads me to think I should do all of the loremaster achievements…  …..  which is just a crazy, crazy idea!

So this has been my problem.  Too much thinking and not enough playing.  That’s probably why I’m leaning towards a new alt, who would have a fresh start in the world, with no worries or responsibilities..

I just need to go play.

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