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A year ago today, I obviously had a specific goal in mind.

However I must have gotten distracted with something else because I didn’t finish exploring Kalimdor until late August 2009.

My first achievements of 2009 was a mix of holiday fun, a little more exploration and my very first title.

A few days later, I would finally ding Level 80.  So I started 2009 as a freshly minted Level 80!

How am I ending 2009?

With a little dirty PVP play.

As I mentioned over in a horribly long comment at Tauren Gravy, I do believe the negative blog coverage of LFD pugs have influenced me to look to PVP as a way to spend my spare Chawa time.  If I don’t have guildies to run with, I’d rather mess around in some PVP action then group with 4 strangers in HCoS, one of who’s first comment will be about humans being the “gayest looking” race.

Besides, the other day I learned that you can only own 100 Alterac Valley badges at a time.  I might as well play in other battlegrounds and see if one day, I can earn myself another battleground mount.  Of course then again, I might get distracted by something else again…..  🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve dear readers!  May 2010 bring you new adventures, new revelations and more laughter and love!  And please be safe on your New Year’s Eve adventures tonight.

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