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I’ll be brief:

Those who have a hissy fit over “under geared” players, you SHOULD already know that Blizzard has implemented their own gear check to ensure people don’t have gear that isn’t up to snuff for an instance.  And I shall offer you proof.

Yesterday, one of our long standing guild mates finally dinged 80.  Yes, it took him over a year, but real life gets in the way of WoW sometimes.  Anyway, once we had enough people online, we decided to take him to a heroic.  We had all opted for a random, knowing that it was likely going to be Utgarde Keep or Nexus and also give us a couple of EoF’s.  But we ran into a little hiccup.  It looked something like this:

Bliz hates fresh 80's.

See that there?  We couldn’t even queue for a random heroic because our fresh 80 wasn’t adequately geared, as per Blizzard’s own gear check.  So, we manually went and did HToC and ended up getting him two pieces of gear.  And THEN we got to do our random Heroic, which was Utgarde Keep – and we got him a third new purple.  It was pretty awesome.

So, this goes out to those jerkholes that seem to get their Spiderman underoos in a knot when they feel someone is “under geared”:  Chill out and shut up.  Sure, they may not have 3-4k dps, but there’s lots of “geared” players who can’t do that, either.  And really, so what if a boss takes 55 seconds instead of 35 seconds?  Everyone in that instance is adequately geared for it as well.

Thus, I say again – Chill out and shut up.

You’ll be fine.

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