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LF Babble?

You’ve found it.

I have been giving myself a hard time lately.  I’ve started at least 4 posts and have trashed 3 of them.  I get inspired, start writing and then get interrupted and lose my post groove.   Well, I’ve had enough of that! 

So I’m just going to toss my thoughts and ideas out there and see what comes out of it. 


Chawa was my first toon to level 80 and the first to see Dalaran.  The 2nd was Maiwyn, my death knight princess and she loves Dalaran!  And with through her eyes, Dalaran looks new and shiny again.  Running around Dalaran on your main, waiting for BGs or Dungeons or raids does tend to drag but seeing it through a new toon’s eyes is thrilling and exciting! 

My death knight princess is a blood elf and honestly, the female belf dance has never felt so right!  Before, I always thought of it as ridiculous but for some reason, it just fits with Maiwyn. 

She’s having an absolute blast in Northrend too, even at level65.  She’s happy to make her hearth there and do her jewelcrafting daily, travelling on her faithful deathponycharger.  Epic flying with happen eventually but for now, she’s very happy to make due with the flight points she’s found along her travels. 


Isn’t it wonderful when you make a slight change in your rotation and suddenly, everything falls into place.  That’s what happened to Stinka, my priest over the holidays. 

You can read up on recommended rotations all over the place but it’s hands on, trial and error that will bring a rotation alive. 


Stinka, by the way, means magical dancer in an Native American language.  However, I might change that name eventually…   who knows! 


Stinka is a tailor who hasn’t picked her tailoring specialization yet.  It’s a toss-up between Ebonweave (for shadow damage fun) and Moonshroud (for the healing side) however, I’m not even sure if I’ll make a good healer.  I’ll need lots of practice in a few BGs before I dare run with the guild – which yes, I know, is silly.  And with how quickly gear can be obtained at 80, does the specialization even matter anymore?

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