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Do you see what I see?

Although we were a little let down by our lack of success with Malygos on Friday, we decided to group up again on Sunday night.  We were sitting one short and we figured we’d need a full ten for Maly.  So what did we do instead?


We’ve downed her before with the help of BOB‘s Pallywhacker with ten before, so we figured we could handle it with nine.  And after a couple of wipes, we eventually downed that awful dragon lady.

I was tanking on my Druid for this one, as I often do for guild runs.  And during the fight, I took a peek over my shoulder and looked at Chawa’s screen.  I thought it pretty amusing how differently one may actually see the fight in the relation to another.

Me, all I saw was Ony’s feet and my big, fat, bear ass.  Chawa saw a big, mean dragon breathing fire on a wee bear.

Here's my screenshot. I think I got hit by a wing buffet just then.

Chawa's perspective. Quite the difference.

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