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This morning, the guest cat got on to the nightstand next to our bed and meowed at me.

As a result, my first thought of the day was “Meow”.

My second thought, I’m sad to say, was “Maybe I should go tame a wolf”.

This week’s raid quest is Eye of Eternity; something I was very happy about.  Like a few in the guild, Malygos is the only thing between me and the title Champion of the Frozen Wastes!  It had been a long time since I had last stepped into Maly’s celestial arena.  All of us in the guild have had some good upgrades since then.  It would be great for us to earn that title once and for all.

It never crossed my mind that we wouldn’t be successful.


After 2 hours of failing to beat Maly last night, this Tauren is sore.  My heart is saddened that we didn’t pull it off last night.  My mind is filled with thoughts and ideas of how I could do better.

I’ll admit to being discouraged this morning but I can not admit complete defeat.  There is still no doubt in my mind that we won’t be successful.  Nobody can spend 2 hours in the same dungeon and not learn a few things.   The EarthMother knows that we all did because we improved on every attempt.

And when we are successful, as I know we will be, the victory will be that much sweeter.

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