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Yesterday evening, there were only four of us online that were willing and able to go to heroics.  The fifth that was on is still in the midst of leveling his first toon.

So, Chawa (BM Hunter), Brokentree (Druid Tree), Melancoly (Shadow Priest), and I (Druid Bear) wanted to give Heroic Halls of Reflection a try.  We had completed it on Normal, so we knew how it worked.  We just were eager for the extra challenge and phat lewtz of the heroic.  So, I would end up tanking on Naturalregis, BT would heal, Chawa and Mel both as DPS and we’d have to pug our fifth.  No problem, we ended up with a Ret Pally (who was actually quite good).

On our first attempt, we wiped on the 9th wave due to a little poor coordination and one bear lacking in rage to provide a swipe.  Yup, my bad.  Anyway, second time around, no problem.  Good work from the DPS in CC and good heals.  Got through the General and our evil selves no problem.  On to the epic chase!

Funny tangent – the first time I came up to the Arthas/Sylvannas fight, I tried to pull Arthas off of Sylvannas.  It worked.  And I got one shotted.  Yeah.  I’m bad ass…even if I’m slightly daft, as well. 😉 

Anyway, this run, I did no such thing.  We watched the fight and got the chase all fired up.  We lost our Pally at the start of the second group, not quite sure how.  (I think it was Abonimation spew.)  Battle rez from the healer.  We lost the Pally again, battle rez from me.  We wiped on the last group due to the tank not getting aggro on an additional Abomination.  D’oh!

Similar thing happened on the next run, minus the Pally getting smushed twice.  Instead, it was Chawa’s turn to get puked on by one (or some?) of the Abominations.  She bravely and selflessly encouraged us to save ourselves and go on without her.  Aaaand with both battle rez’es on cooldown, that was going to happen anyway.  Sorry, hun! 😦

Third run was going well.  Lost another Abomination but was saved due to a well-timed misdirect from Chawa.  Then one of the casting dues (forget their name) decided to hide next to Arthas so the Pally bit it trying to take him out.  Didn’t have the DPS to finish off the Abominations.

By this time, Mel and BT had called the next run to be our last due to that whole wacky real life thing.  So, we rip through the first three groups.  It was going really smoothly.  Again, some good misdirects from Chawa and I actually got a good growl or two in.  Casters went down, and Arthas was getting close.  We went nuts on the Abominations. 

Then BAM!  Last one Abomination went down!  Start running like a mofo!  Arthas was on our asses!

So I ran.  Right into the ice wall. 

I wasn’t getting anywhere.  What the hell?

Then I see Arthas standing next to me, driving his sword into the ground.  And we were dead.



Arthas is a jerkface.  An unfair, perverse jerkface.

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Greetings new adventurer and welcome! 

Congratulations on joining us now.  Recently the Blizz Gods have made several changes to the world of Azeroth with you, the new adventurer, in mind.  Descriptions of the races and classes available have been clarified.  Almost every quest will be shown on the map, to help guide your characters to the right places to find the quest objectives.  It’s a fabulous time to start playing WoW. 

However there is one thing that the ingame tutorial system won’t show you. 

I write this letter (aka: friendly post) to you with the spirit of Winter’s Veil upon me!  Whether you be a brand new adventurer to the World of Warcraft or one who has been playing the game for a few months now.

You see, I was once one of you!

And if you are like me, a fellow lover of professions, achievements and holidays,  and you have leveled your cooking up high enough, you will want to make egg nog, in order to earn the Winter’s Veil Gourmet

Allow me to give you a hint.  A hint that I didn’t know about a year ago.

Do you see the links above? If you dare click on them, they will take you to a wondrous place called wowhead, at http://www.wowhead.com/.  Wowhead can be a player’s best resource for information.  There you can look up anything that is in the game from items, to spells, to quests, to achievements, to recipes like egg nog.

I like to think of wowhead as the yellow pages.  Actually, it’s better than the yellow pages!  It’s also a receipe book!  If I need a specific item, I can look it up. 

For example, if you look up egg nog, you can see the ingredients (aka: reagents) that you’ll need to make your egg nog.  If you click on one of those ingredients, you be given a list of NPCs that sell the particular item as well as a list of mobs that drop that particular item. 

In the case of the small egg that you need for your egg nog receipe, you’ll see that small eggs are dropped by feral dragonhawks with a 100% drop rate – everytime you kill a feral dragonhawk, you’ll be able to loot a small egg off it.  What are those, you may wonder?  Well click on their name and you will not only find out but you’ll see where you can find them.  So go out, travel by zeppelin,  boat or portal, get your ingredients and make your fabulous egg nog! 

Now, you have no reason to buy small eggs off the Auction House for 5G like I did a year ago.

Now, you have no reason to buy the small eggs I list on the Auction House this year!  Unless you are lazy.  Or an impulsive shopper.  With gold to burn!  But once again, if you are a relatively new adventurer, you might not have gold to burn and you might cringe at auction house prices.  Well cringe no more!

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