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To Need or Not to Need

That is the question.

Or is it just a worry?

A few weeks ago, the guild stepped into Ulduar for the 2nd time. We were prepared in the sense that the majority of us had read the strategies. A few others had seen and suffered through videos riddled with horrible music. As usual, everyone had their usual raid necessities: their preferred flasks and food buffs. We had explored it once before with 9 toons, just to get some hands-on experience with the vehicles involved in the Flame Leviathan encounter.

I died after I jumped off the Leviathan. I don’t know how some people get a parachute and float down while I just seem to fall straight through and then giving the motorcycle an even greater challenge of finding me.  I’m starting to think that it’s another example of Blizzard’s Tauren racism.

Or maybe Rallick, our rogue, just has a parachute stuck up his ass for emergencies? 🙂

Anyway, our guild was successful.  We bought that monster down! And it felt absolutely fantastic!!  Honestly, that particular moment of victory is such a rush!

We looted.  And that is where my preparation fails.

I had not looked at the loot tables so I had no idea what to expect and worse, no idea what would be an upgrade for me.

Loot stresses me out. A lot.

I think part of the stress is due to my inexperience with WoW.

An item might be a definite upgrade for me but I find it very difficult to press that need button.  It is rare that I am 100% sure that a new piece will be an upgrade for me.  It usually takes me 10 seconds to review their stats and for some reason, those 10 seconds always feel like I’m taking too long.  (Did I hear someone say “Noob”?)

On top of that, I don’t want to appear like a loot hog.  During our guild’s Naxx days, I ran with 2 other hunters! My fellow hunter brother and sister deserve the loot just as much as me!

And then, sometimes, when I did finally needed something and won, I would feel guilty about it.  Horrible, isn’t ?

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I suffer from overthinking.

Thankfully, I’ve got a degree in Psychology to help deal with the guilt issues although it hasn’t helped with the overthinking issues….   But I do know my fellow hunters and other hunter-loot stealing guildies want the best for me regardless if they need the same piece of gear as me.  That means, the only thing I’ve got to do (apart from therapy) is to take a look at the loot available in the new instances with Patch 3.3.

Although balancing a tier set bonus against a new piece of gear isn’t always that easy!   Honestly, without Zeherah’s Hunter DPS Analyzer (which, as with most things, should not be consider infalliable) to test try gear scenarios I would be lost.

So, wise Azeroth adventurers, tell me how do you figure out which gear you should need?

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