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Pug it Up

Welcome Patch 3.3! Welcome!

It was like Christmas morning in Azeroth last evening.  Players grouping up in raids, trying to open their presents as quickly as possible and being frozen into instance load screens for their efforts!  With the daily (or is it weekly?) raid quest, the Naxx entrance was crowded with eager players like it had not seen in ages! 

Did anyone have any success getting into Naxx last night?

We did not.  And after 5 very long loading screens, Regis and I gave up and hit the new LFG interface.

In other words, we joined a pug.

Yes, a pug with people that we don’t know! 

Remember how before-Patch 3.3 (BP3.3), pugging had a definite negative opinion linked to it?  Stories of bad pugs abound in the blogosphere.  There are some good pug stories out there but the bad stories definitely outweigh the good ones! 

I’m really curious to see if P3.3 and the new LFG interface can change the general feeling towards pugging.  Blizzard is definitely doing it’s part with the creation of the Perky Pug reward.  Plus the LFG interface has been completely revamped.  Yes, it’s a shiny.  Oooh!  And everyone loves a new shiny.

Check out some screenshots that I snatched last night.

A buff for using the new LFD system!

A debuff - likely to discourage dropping groups.

A little symbol is used to clarify the role they play in the group. No more confusion as to who is doing what.

A little pseudo-achievement notice of completion.

These rewards are automatically given. Our warrior also liked to Whirlwind a lot. He was a fine helicopter.


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