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You’re Welcome

I am a big fan of patch notes.  I find it fascinating to read about all the changes that are going to be present when I log in later today.  After hearing about so many different changes that are to come for the last few weeks, it’s fantastic to read the patch notes and get a fresh idea of how the game will be changed today

And there are a ton of changes!  From the new and improved LFG, to the new content for 5man, 10man and 25man, to a new Fishing Tournament that Chawa will definitely attempt to win with high and “Salty”hopes.

 I am sure you have read about these major changes however, those changes are really just the tip of the iceberg!  For example, did you know that according to MMO Champion we are getting a new emote?

 The existing /welcome emote now greets/welcomes targets (character says “hello”), while the new /yw is for saying “you’re welcome.”

Politeness is win-win and in my eyes, a dying art.  I’m a big fan of holding the door open for others.  I’m a big fan of thanking the kind people who hold the door open for me. 

In game, I’m a big fan of helping another player that I might pass in my travels, be it Alliance or Horde.  On my priest, I love buffing everyone I see!  On my hunter, if I see another player attacking a mob, I’ll send in my pet and help bring it down with a few shots, once they have marked it their kill of course. 


 I’m an even bigger fan of sarcasm

 Give a person a hand or a buff and get no /thanks?  Well now, you can remind them in game about the concept of politeness! 

 Oh yes, … it’s going to be beautiful.

And as a plus, it might teach some the difference between “you’re” and “your”.  We can only hope!

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