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Main Management

Many of us consider our “main” character to be the first character they started and nurtured to max level (whatever it may have been at the time).  Some people may only have one character at max level, and some folk just pick one and stick with it. 

I also know their main has changed for many people, too.  Myself being one of them.

I started this game with a few failures but eventually took off with my mage.  He was the only character I had at max level throughout Vanilla and BC.  Sure, I had some alts, but they clearly took the back burner.  Now, being part of a small guild, we were only running 5-mans, if anything.  But eventually we rounded up enough folks to venture into Karazhan.  This also happened to coinicide with me finally getting a second toon, my druid, up to max level.  And because of the other main characters other people had, it basically worked out that my druid needed to be a tank.  It worked out for the guild rather nicely, really.  These characters and dynamics would also make up our 10-man raiding in Wrath.

So, that left me with two “mains”.  My druid, to raid with the guild, and my mage, who was my “baby”.  Both of which I fret over, although sometimes one more than the other.  Right now, I’m pretty happy with my bear tank – he’s geared enough to progress with the rest of the guild.  But I’m not quite satisfied with my mage.  I fret over him and his gear a bit more (which has been made evident by a few of my posts).  It’s all a bit silly, considering he does well enough when he needs to and it’s not like I’m trying to do Hardmode whatever.

Now with having a third toon higher in the leveling process, I’m kind of excited about trying him out in some of this endgame content; although I’m not really sure I’ll have the time or focus without completely neglecting the other toons.

So I’m wondering:  If you have more than one “main”, how do you manage them?  Do you have any difficulty finding a balance between them?  Have you abandoned one out of necessity?  If you do have balance, how do you do it?

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