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Judge not…

…lest ye be judged yourself.  (Or something to that effect.)

I don’t know about you, but I know I usually check out some other people’s gear when I’m in a raid/pug/whatever.  Especially so when it’s someone of the same class.  And one of the things I notice and critcize most is the Meta gem.  It’s usually pretty evident which Meta gem is best for which class.  Such as my mage; it’s the Chaotic Skyflare Diamond.  My druid uses the Austere Earthsiege Diamond, as I’m sure most tanks do.  Now, I don’t go out of my way to specifically look at what Meta they might be using, but under a certain circumstances it becomes more noticable. 

When is it most noticable? 

When the Meta requirements aren’t met and the benefits are grayed out. 

It’s my understanding that the benefits from a proper Meta gem are absolutely worth getting, even if you need to do a bit of crafty socketing via dual coloured gems (ie: purple, green, or orange).  You may not get the full +Stam or +Spellpower or whatever, but you at least get that Meta doing its dirty work.  So, when I see someone not exploiting the benefits of their Meta gem, I judge them a little.  I don’t outright dismiss them, but it’s more of a “jeez, lrn2gem” or “pay attention” negative judgement.  Then today I was taking a look at a WoW gear evaluation websites (Be Imba! , in particular), and I noticed something horrible:

I am not getting the benefits of my Meta gem on my mage.  I need to have another blue gem.

Damnit – pay attention, Reeg.  /facepalm

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