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Healing over time

I recently levelled my paladin to 80 and decided it was a good time to take up Chawa and Regis’s call for guest posts from the guild.

While I levelled to Northrend in protection spec I had gotten interested in paladin healing and ended up doing most of my levelling from 70-80 by healing in instances and in battlegrounds. During the process I started to think a bit more about what I like doing in WoW.

I’ve decided that while I like levelling and questing on DPS toons I’m kind of indifferent to playing them in instances once they have hit 80.

I also really like tanking but I find I need breaks from it.

But I’m pretty much happy to heal all the time.

Until the guild started doing Kara and I needed to heal it my druid was definitely an alt. If we had the healing covered I would have brought my hunter instead. However, I found healing the fights really interesting.

Part of it was that the other healer was my partner’s resto shaman. The guild didn’t use vent but we effectively had a healer channel since we were in the same room. Each fight was a problem to solve — there was a certain amount of damage going around and we had to work out how to heal it.

As we levelled through Northrend and worked through the new five-person instances I liked learning the fight mechanics and determining how to deal with the resulting damage.

Once the guild had enough level 80 toons to start doing Naxx it was a similar thing. We had a discipline priest on the main tank and the two of us on everything else. Each fight we had to come up with a plan to keep every non-rogue alive.

However, while I like the planning aspect of healing it’s also lots of  fun when things don’t go according to plan.

The guild recently took down Koralon for the first time and had only a single tank from 20%-5% and a rogue tank for the last 5%. There was a lot of yelling going on in the “healer channel” during that last 20% but it was pretty satisfying when he went down.

To heal you need to think ahead but also be ready to abandon the plan and just know your abilities well enough to get through it.  This is my rough guess at why I like healing best, though maybe I just like playing whack-a-mole.

Incidentally, I still need work on the second part on my paladin.

I’d be interested to hear what some of my guildies who are better at DPS than me think about this.

Anyway, I think I’ll go respec my shadow priest.

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