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A year ago today, I obviously had a specific goal in mind.

However I must have gotten distracted with something else because I didn’t finish exploring Kalimdor until late August 2009.

My first achievements of 2009 was a mix of holiday fun, a little more exploration and my very first title.

A few days later, I would finally ding Level 80.  So I started 2009 as a freshly minted Level 80!

How am I ending 2009?

With a little dirty PVP play.

As I mentioned over in a horribly long comment at Tauren Gravy, I do believe the negative blog coverage of LFD pugs have influenced me to look to PVP as a way to spend my spare Chawa time.  If I don’t have guildies to run with, I’d rather mess around in some PVP action then group with 4 strangers in HCoS, one of who’s first comment will be about humans being the “gayest looking” race.

Besides, the other day I learned that you can only own 100 Alterac Valley badges at a time.  I might as well play in other battlegrounds and see if one day, I can earn myself another battleground mount.  Of course then again, I might get distracted by something else again…..  🙂

Happy New Year’s Eve dear readers!  May 2010 bring you new adventures, new revelations and more laughter and love!  And please be safe on your New Year’s Eve adventures tonight.

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I’ll be brief:

Those who have a hissy fit over “under geared” players, you SHOULD already know that Blizzard has implemented their own gear check to ensure people don’t have gear that isn’t up to snuff for an instance.  And I shall offer you proof.

Yesterday, one of our long standing guild mates finally dinged 80.  Yes, it took him over a year, but real life gets in the way of WoW sometimes.  Anyway, once we had enough people online, we decided to take him to a heroic.  We had all opted for a random, knowing that it was likely going to be Utgarde Keep or Nexus and also give us a couple of EoF’s.  But we ran into a little hiccup.  It looked something like this:

Bliz hates fresh 80's.

See that there?  We couldn’t even queue for a random heroic because our fresh 80 wasn’t adequately geared, as per Blizzard’s own gear check.  So, we manually went and did HToC and ended up getting him two pieces of gear.  And THEN we got to do our random Heroic, which was Utgarde Keep – and we got him a third new purple.  It was pretty awesome.

So, this goes out to those jerkholes that seem to get their Spiderman underoos in a knot when they feel someone is “under geared”:  Chill out and shut up.  Sure, they may not have 3-4k dps, but there’s lots of “geared” players who can’t do that, either.  And really, so what if a boss takes 55 seconds instead of 35 seconds?  Everyone in that instance is adequately geared for it as well.

Thus, I say again – Chill out and shut up.

You’ll be fine.

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LF Babble?

You’ve found it.

I have been giving myself a hard time lately.  I’ve started at least 4 posts and have trashed 3 of them.  I get inspired, start writing and then get interrupted and lose my post groove.   Well, I’ve had enough of that! 

So I’m just going to toss my thoughts and ideas out there and see what comes out of it. 


Chawa was my first toon to level 80 and the first to see Dalaran.  The 2nd was Maiwyn, my death knight princess and she loves Dalaran!  And with through her eyes, Dalaran looks new and shiny again.  Running around Dalaran on your main, waiting for BGs or Dungeons or raids does tend to drag but seeing it through a new toon’s eyes is thrilling and exciting! 

My death knight princess is a blood elf and honestly, the female belf dance has never felt so right!  Before, I always thought of it as ridiculous but for some reason, it just fits with Maiwyn. 

She’s having an absolute blast in Northrend too, even at level65.  She’s happy to make her hearth there and do her jewelcrafting daily, travelling on her faithful deathponycharger.  Epic flying with happen eventually but for now, she’s very happy to make due with the flight points she’s found along her travels. 


Isn’t it wonderful when you make a slight change in your rotation and suddenly, everything falls into place.  That’s what happened to Stinka, my priest over the holidays. 

You can read up on recommended rotations all over the place but it’s hands on, trial and error that will bring a rotation alive. 


Stinka, by the way, means magical dancer in an Native American language.  However, I might change that name eventually…   who knows! 


Stinka is a tailor who hasn’t picked her tailoring specialization yet.  It’s a toss-up between Ebonweave (for shadow damage fun) and Moonshroud (for the healing side) however, I’m not even sure if I’ll make a good healer.  I’ll need lots of practice in a few BGs before I dare run with the guild – which yes, I know, is silly.  And with how quickly gear can be obtained at 80, does the specialization even matter anymore?

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This blog got called out as having some Druid tankey goodness to it.  I’ve brought it up a couple of times, but haven’t gotten into it that much.  Now that it’s been brought up, I feel obliged to talk about my Druid tank.  No pressure!

So, I’ll start it off with some old thoughts and work it into my renewed focus:

Since patch 3.3 dropped, the biggest and shiniest feature would probably be the new LFG (LFD) tool.  And I would have to agree – it’s a very good, efficient way of getting groups.  I like it a lot.


Given the amount of blog posts that are going on out there, it seems that this wonderful tool has also made it evident that WoW is full of more asshats than initially anticipated.  (Penny Arcade did an amusing NSFW comic on this anomaly.)  And you’d think with this many people complaining about asshattery, eventually the problem will subside.  Well, it’s a new shiny still, so we can only  hope it will get better.

Anyway, a little while ago I wrote a blurb on how I was hesitant taking Naturalregis in to see Koralon; the latest resident of the Vault of Archavon.  The fact remains, I’m still hesitant about taking my tank into PUGs.  Even into 5-mans using the LFD tool.  This time, though, it’s not so much that I worry about lacking gear.  (Have a look here or here – yes my expertise is low – what of it?!)  What I’m aprehensive about is what I may lack in a few other areas.  Here’s a quick list about what I worry about:

  • Being able to keep aggro over the T9 + EoT gear dps’ers
  • Being able to keep aggro over the dps that attacks whomever they want out of the group
  • I don’t chain pull; I do pull more mobs than I used to, but I still don’t go all nuts over it
  • I don’t rush-tank; which often goes hand-in-hand with chain pulling
  • I actually mark my intended kill order; this also makes asshats more impatient

So, basically I like my dungeon experience to be a little more calculated than brute force, regardless of how easy the latter may be accomplished.  This may make me boring, but whatever.  Sure, there is some fun in chaos, but I prefer a clean, steady path to completing things.  In the long run, it probably saves more time rather than take longer.

That being said, it’s time I overcome this hesitation.  There are some things to be learned from the chaotic approach and hopefully I can figure out a thing or two about tanking better.  Such as better use of my growl and fairie fire on mobs, etc, etc.

Another one of the things that I should be doing is helping out my guild by getting some better gear.  Again, it’s not all that poor, but there’s still room to improve.  And using the armour and miscellaneous gear lists that BBB posted, I can actually break it down and pick gear that will be relatively quick (and easy) for me to get.  (For the record, I’m going to focus on getting the EoT trinket first and then work towards the head, chest, hands, and legs T9 bits and pieces.)

Now, all I have to do is stop being a big sissy and stop shying away from those PUGs.  For me, it’s always better to run with guildies, but that can’t always happen.  And there’s always going to be a rotten apple in the bunch, but I’ll just have to roll with the punches.  And considering the short wait time for tanks, I should have no problems reaching my goals.

Do any of you have any thoughts on the matter?  Any other experiences to share while tanking out there?  Will I get kicked from a group when I let the mage, who initiated the pull, die?

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Whoops – sorry!


It seems that WordPress has decided to be annoying and throw some comments into the spam folder instead of posting them.  Even comments by folk who have posted here before.
So, I’ve sifted through ALL of them (I think there were 4) and appropriately approved or deleted them. Only 1 was legit spam.

So, sorry for WordPress being silly. If any other WordPress blogger reads this and has had similiar problems, please let us know how you may have fixed it!  I haven’t fiddled with any security options since starting this, so it’s a little weird.  Maybe the 1 bit of legit spam ruined the fun?

Also, if you’re a WordPress WoW blogger and have figured out how to have Wowhead gear/item pop-ups work – also, please let us know. (Keep in mind we’re cheap frugal and have the free WordPress editor.)

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