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Brain Freeze!

A crazy and frightening thing is happening to me.

I am loving my death knight these days

Why is this crazy?

Well, it’s melee and so far, my attempts at the melee classes have barely made it past level 25.

Why is this frightening?

Well, this may sound strange but…. I don’t usually yell out my spells at the screen like “Strangulate” or “Oh! Mind Freeze!!” or “DIE DIE DIE!!!”  And when I became conscious of what I was saying, I broke down into a serious set of the giggles.

Beware the giggling death noob!

Mind Freeze is, by the way, my favourite DK spell.  Every time I imagine it I think of an ice cream brain freeze and laugh.

What’s also frightening is that I actually asked to join in a Ramparts run this weekend with strangers.  I took the honest approach:


In the end, turns out that person they got bailed and so I was brought in.

When we all got in the instance, the infamous question was then asked.  “So, who’s tanking”.

Um, what?

Party chat was silent for a good minute until the other death knight said “Guess it’s me”.

Hell ya it’s you!  See my screenshot!


Until this happened, I naively had absolutely no thoughts of ever tanking on my DK.  For the most part, I’m a solo player.  I really only run instances and raids with the guild or with friends.  Chances are, with the number of tanks we’ve got in the guild, I probably will never be asked to tank.  However, with the availability of dual specs, is it expected on a hybrid class to always dual spec in some manner?  Perhaps, it is.


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