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Yes, I’m a week late.  But I am determined to put this up…mostly because I said I would.

So, last week, we went along to Big Bear Butt’s “Raid for the Cure”, which was inspired by one of his guild mates being diagnosed with breast cancer.

And last week Chawa posted some pics from the Alliance side (as she has a not-so-secret Ally toon) and I stuck with the Horde side.  Unfortunately, the Horde side didn’t have quite the showing the Alliance did, but it was still nice to have a pretty good group out there.  So here’s a few pics:

Camp Narache

We made our trek through Mulgore and we even managed to survive a bit of Barrens chat when we met up with the Alliance group just outside of Crossroads.

The group then made their way to Ratchet to catch the boat to Booty Bay.  It was quite the sight!

And of course, while in Booty Bay, there was a big party.

So, all in all, it was a very good time.  Everyone was shouting, “For Mom!”, “For our sisters!”, and some were even discussing their emotional stories about their experiences with cancer.  It was very moving.

So yes, this post is dedicated to those women who mean so much to us.  Our mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, and friends.  We love you all!

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