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Lies of the Grind

Satisfaction is when you have successfully grinded your professions up to 300 on your death knight before she steps into Outland.

Earlier this week:  There was considerable dissatisfaction, lies of love, money lost and begging. 

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been grinding jewelcrafting.  Here’s a little taste of the “fun” I’ve been having.


When leveling Jewelcrafting from 200 to 220 it’s recommended to make [Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing]s.    I’ve got the mithril bars but I need Citrine.  I have a few on me but not enough.  I mount up and gallop across half of Silvermoon to the Auction House and do a search for Citrine.  Of course, Citrine is currently for sale at 150% markup from the normal price.   I refuse to buy that at such outrageous prices!

So I wowhead Citrine.  It’s prospected from Iron Ore.  Good! ~  I’ve 2 stacks of Iron Ore in my bank.  Gallop to Bank. 

/prospect 5 ore   —>  Lesser moonstone

/prospect 5 ore —> Lesser moonstone

/prospect 5 ore  —> Jade

/prospect 5 ore  —> Lesser moonstone. 

/groan – Give me a break…

Double check wowhead for Citrine because I’m starting to doubt myself.  I’m not wrong – it is prospected from Iron Ore but so are a few other gems. 

/propspect 5 ore  —> Citrine!  YES!!!!

/prospect 5 ore  —> Aquamarine – NOOO!!!!!

/prospect 5 ore and beg  —> Lesser moonstone  /sigh

/prospect 5 ore and beg more  —> Citrine!   THANKYOU!!!!

Of course, at this point I’m out of Iron Ore now.  Might as well make what I can now.

/crafts Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing  —->  jewelcrafting has increased to 215 and the receipe turns yellow. 

/crafts Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing  —-> jewelcrafting increased to 216

/crafts Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing & whispers “I love you”*  —-> jewelcrafting increased to 217

/crafts Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing  & whispers “I love you” —->  jewelcrafting increased to 218

/crafts Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing  & whispers “I love you”  —-> …..    …..  Nothing!!!  No increase!!  Agghrrr!!!  

/scream hysterically in true Blood Elf fashion!

/smashes* Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing with Greataxe of the Ebon Blade, shattering it into pieces!!


(*You can ask Regis – I really did whisper that into the monitor and if I could have targeted that ring, I would have!)

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