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I want to see the event from both sides so Gleanna is now in position Alliance side to take part in tomorrow’s  Raid for the Cure!

Isn’t she a cute and friendly dwarf!  Even dressed her lowbie white-level gear and polka dotted mail bra!


Gleanna & Conservator Ilthalaine: Watch where you put that staff Ilthalaine!

I’ll switch over to Chawa in time for the Horde side of things at 2:30pm server.  After all, Chawa is bringing a Delicious Chocolate Cake to the event!  And she definitely doesn’t want to miss a chance to wear a Festive Pink Dress!

Edit:  Chawa is ready to portal off to Thunder Bluff as well!  Thank you Gear Manager for making gear changes so much easier!


Raid for the Cure 2009 - Chawa & Raiju

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That’s right!

John “Big Bear Butt” Patricelli is hosting Raid for the Cure on the Kael’thas (US) sever tomorrow; Saturday, November 14th.  All timings to follow are based upon SERVER TIME.

This will be a cross-faction, in-game raid/walk.  The Alliance will be starting in the Night Elf intro area in Darnassus at 2PM and will be making their way to Astrannar, while the Horde will be in the Tauren starting area in Camp Narache at 2:30PM.  Both groups should be arriving just outside the Crossroads in the Barrens by about 2:45PM.  From there, both groups will make their way to Ratchet and subsequently Booty Bay for some piratey drinking and fun!

There will be some Pink Mageweave shirts handed out for those who are lacking.  That’s right.  PINK!

To try and keep somewhat organized, there’s also going to be a chat channel for each faction.  You can set yourself to join the channel via the following or just do a /join RaidfortheCure when you log on.

Chawa and I shall be there in pink-shirted glory.  Hope you can join us on the Horde side or Big Bear Butt on the Alliance side!

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