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I’m after the Wintergrasp Ranger Achievement.  The only area I’ve got left is the Cauldron of Flames. The only time anyone actually goes to that area of Wintergrasp is to farm crystallized fire from the fire elementals. The odds of seeing people there are increased if the WG daily “Fueling the Demolishers” is offered – as was the case on Sunday.

With 20min before the epic (or pathetic ,depending on how it goes) battle for WG began, I headed down to the Cauldron to see if I could find some unlucky people.

I’ll have to be honest here. I’m not a very good member of the Horde.  Oh sure, I have helped slay the leaders of the Alliance  and I have participated in Wintergrasp enough times to have 80 victories.  However, I adore /wave-ing to the other side.  I love the fact that we can emote-interact with the other side. Perhaps my dappling with Alliance alts, just to see their storylines, has made me sympathic. (Althought, I’m still not used to running though Stormwind or Ironforge and seeing all the alliance hanging out there. Kinda makes me nervous.) Or perhaps, I’ve simply taken a lesson or two from Thrall.

Be that as it may, I still have an achievement to get!   So on Sunday, I fell upon those distracted members of the Alliance I found in the Cauldron of Flames. The first one happened to be a clothie – a priest to be exact. Now dropping down on a player who is at less than max health from a battle with a fire elemental is one thing but when he’s only wearing cloth!???!  Thankfully, it was a male Nelf with a goatee. I tend to think bearded Nelfs are a tad greasy-looking so my guilt didn’t last long.

I killed another priest shortly after that. And a human warlock.  And a dwarf warrior.  By then, I imagine that Alliance chat had advertised that there were two Horde players (Regis had joined me by then) ganking people.  That might have explained why the next person we saw /spit on Regis.  However, not all members of the Alliance are like that spitter.  The next after that simply /waved back at us.

I haven’t gotten the 10 kills that I need for the achievement yet so I’ll have to go back and kill some more “innocent farmers” another time.  It does make me wonder about right and wrong.  I’m not doing it for the sport (like the heartless stealthed Rogues who prey on fishermen) – I’m doing it for the achievement.  Does that make it right?  Or the fact that they dare enter into a contested zone automatically makes it okay?  Personally, if it was me getting ganked, achievement or not,  I wouldn’t feel “right” about it at all!    

Maybe I should just /sorry to those I kill next time.  /Sorry the achievement made me do it.

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