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An Open Call

This is directed mostly at guild members of “The Zug Initiative“:

If you would like to, you are more than welcome to contribute some posts to this blog.  Be it insights about your class, about the game, our feats, or anything.

The best (and easiest) way to do it would be to create your own WordPress account (you don’t need to make a blog with it, if you don’t want to).  Just go to http://wordpress.com and find the create account options and go from there.

Once you’ve made your account, just drop us an e-mail which includes the e-mail for the WordPress account, and we’ll add you.  Check your e-mail, accept the invite, and then next time you log in, you should be able to post something.


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And so it is under way..

Unlike Chawa, I know exactly how I got here. 🙂

Back in 2001, I moved away from my hometown for work. And over the years, one of the ways of staying in contact with friends back home was through online gaming. I logged several hours on Counter-Strike (in the clan [CBLA], baby!), being in a new town with few friends. Eventually, those friends migrated over to World of Warcraft.

After repeated urging from those aforementioned friends and a few failed characters, I finally started to play WoW regularly in early 2006. I dabbled in a few raids and a few alts, but nothing really that serious. Eventually, I somehow managed to convince Chawa to start playing – but that didn’t happen until she moved in with me. While she leveled her first toon, I leveled my highest alt with her.

It wasn’t until a little over a year ago that I actually started to put more time and effort into my characters. Inspired by Chawa’s quest for more information and knowledge, I also started reading more WoW blogs and getting information on proper talent builds. And as a result, I’m probably a much better WoW player than I’ve ever been (although I still suck at PvP… silly keyboard turning!)

In regards to blogging, well, I’ve actually been doing personal blogs for some time – ranting and raving about whatever I choose at the given time. For no particular reason, that got put on the back burner and has been there for awhile. But with all the blog reading I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been half-inspired to start writing again. I’m not a theory crafter, the best informed player, or a hardcore raider – but really, the blog would mostly be for myself as a general outlet and to celebrate our successes. So when Chawa mentioned that she was getting the urge to blog, I just clicked and said, “Let’s do this, then!”

And here we are. With this blog. Again, it’s mostly for ourselves, but if we somehow manage to get readership and some lively discussions out of it all, then that would be awesome. For now, though, I guess we’ll just see where it goes.

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Arena Points??

Okay… I really didn’t expect my 2nd post on this blog to be reporting the latest news from the  “official patch notes” for upcoming Patches but here I am!  Excited and throwing words down on to a new post!  And I haven’t even finished reading the rest of the official patch notes yet! 

What’s the excitement?  This:

All level 71-80 Battleground daily quests will now award 25 Arena points in addition to their current rewards.

ARENA POINTS???  Ooo-ooh-ooh!   

I really enjoy PVP.  I enjoyed PVP since the first AV that I stepped into, rushing North with the rest of them, not understanding any of the strategy of the battleground, only knowing my soul purpose there was to kill the enemy!   I wasn’t very good at it.  I died.  A lot.  However, I would head straight back into the fray immediately afterwards.   And all that dying paid off!  My first “fast” ground mount was a Frostwolf earned from AV marks.  

With Wintergrasp, I dabbled into PVP on a more regular basis.  I learned what the honour cap was (75,000) and started buying PVP gear in Org.   Visiting the PVP gear vendor, got me dreaming of one day having a complete PVP set so I started working on it.  Every week, I would do the weekly WG quests and piece by piece, I built my set up.  Overtime, I started to see the benefits of the increase resilience from my new gear.  I wasn’t dying all the time anymore.  I was holding my own.  Of course, you can’t buy any PVP weapons with only honor points.  For that you need Arena points.  Hence why I’m excited!  Free Arena Points from my BG quests!  Hell ya!  Sure it will take a long time to gain enough points (1,400 to be exact!  Or 56 BG quests!)  but this casual PVPer will take what I can get! 

Once I get home, I’ll thow in a picture of Chawa with her current PVP set.

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