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Hello world!

I’m not quite sure how I got here.

Prior to February 2008, I had never played WoW.  Today,  not only do I log on practically every day, but I am subscribed to many WoW blogs and I plug my hunter into DPS calculators.  I stood in line for Wrath of the Lich King at the midnight release, next to a 12 year old, wearing his pyjamas.  I have caught the bug, just like the millions of other people subscribed to WoW today.

Worse – the other day, I mentioned to Regis “Sometimes I think about starting  my own blog”.   Next thing I know, he bombarded me with blog name suggestions and after some discussion, here we are.

This blog might just be for us – a place to brag.  It might become neglected.  It might be a place for our guild mates to voice their opinion.  It might become a place to share information about the game.  Who knows!   Thankfully, I have no set expectations!  I’m here just to see where it goes!

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