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Brain Freeze!

A crazy and frightening thing is happening to me.

I am loving my death knight these days

Why is this crazy?

Well, it’s melee and so far, my attempts at the melee classes have barely made it past level 25.

Why is this frightening?

Well, this may sound strange but…. I don’t usually yell out my spells at the screen like “Strangulate” or “Oh! Mind Freeze!!” or “DIE DIE DIE!!!”  And when I became conscious of what I was saying, I broke down into a serious set of the giggles.

Beware the giggling death noob!

Mind Freeze is, by the way, my favourite DK spell.  Every time I imagine it I think of an ice cream brain freeze and laugh.

What’s also frightening is that I actually asked to join in a Ramparts run this weekend with strangers.  I took the honest approach:


In the end, turns out that person they got bailed and so I was brought in.

When we all got in the instance, the infamous question was then asked.  “So, who’s tanking”.

Um, what?

Party chat was silent for a good minute until the other death knight said “Guess it’s me”.

Hell ya it’s you!  See my screenshot!


Until this happened, I naively had absolutely no thoughts of ever tanking on my DK.  For the most part, I’m a solo player.  I really only run instances and raids with the guild or with friends.  Chances are, with the number of tanks we’ve got in the guild, I probably will never be asked to tank.  However, with the availability of dual specs, is it expected on a hybrid class to always dual spec in some manner?  Perhaps, it is.


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The REAL LIFE Icecrown Raid!

The new LFG system hasn’t been implemented in WoW yet, and even if it were, I can assure you Chawa and I would not have been using it last night.  We had no wish to join, but we also had no choice to join, the real-life 350,000-man raid that Calgary experienced last night.  Ever since the Wrath release, Blizzard has enjoyed using vehicles in their instances.  This would have been another one; one that many of us already know as “The Traffic Raid”.

The most notable mechanic of this raid were the icy roads brought upon us from an afternoon snowfall.  The worst part wasn’t so much the ice, but that so many people were not prepared.  This was a level 80 raid and people were clearly under leveled, didn’t know the fights, and most definitely under geared.

And just like any raid, gear isn’t necessarily everything.  But I swear people had their cars equipped with grey item tires.  

Sure, there were some people with their blues and greens, which might have made things okay – but it really seemed like most of the vehicles out there had kept all their gear from their respective starter zones.

But not Chawa and I – we know the vile mistress that winter can be, so we made sure we went and got ourselves winter tires.

Not only that, when we picked our car, we made sure it had the best racial buff.  

We had next to no problems getting our way around.  Mind you, that didn’t mean we didn’t have to worry about the many fools on the road.  Sure we would cast the only spell we knew, but every time it seemed to get resisted.

That was likely due to our low hit rating; but considering the circumstances, a low hit rating is probably a good thing.

So, after extended amount of time facing the raid wide debuff that reduces spirit, we decided to stop and get a food buff and allow for some of the asshats out there to drop from the raid.  After some eats and a fine beverage, we continued our way home. 


Unfortunately, all that made us late for our in-game raid, but we’re just glad we made it home safe.

*Co-Written and Edited by Darth and Chawa

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For Pacheco!

From the very first day I started playing WoW, to dying in our first few sorry attempts of zombie kitting in Naxx, Pacheco has been there to show me love, empathy and most important of all, encouragement.  It was from reading her own blog, Tauren Gravy, that I first considered the idea of a blog of my own.  From the day that we started The Wayward Initiative, she’s given us nothing but her fabulous support!

This is for you Pach!  I hope you like it!  /hug


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Of Arcane, Frost, and Fire

I don’t know about the other mages out there, but I know that I am constantly at odds with myself as to what spec I’m going to play on my mage. 

I know, I know!  You’re supposed to play the spec you enjoy most! 

But that’s where all my conflict starts.  I like ALL three (well, “four”) specs you can play as a mage. 

I did levels 1 – 70 as a Fire mage.  I did not interest myself in theorycrafting and min/maxing my talents.  I picked the fire tree and took everything I could in that spec.  It was pretty decent for leveling.  You find the mob you need, load up your pyroblast and follow up with one or two fireballs and then you collect your loot.  NEXT!

But then finally my friends convinced me that Frost was the way to level.  So, when Wrath came out, I decided to utilize the free respec that came with the talent changes and grew some Frosticles.  And boy, the differences were very clear.  It took a few more frostbolts to take down a mob…but they often got rooted and you could take them down before they hit you.  And if they did get a chance to hit you, ice barrier absorbed the damage.  So now leveling involved nabbing four or five mobs, frost nova them in place, and then blizzard them all and collect your loot.   But I knew for raids, there’s no way this spec could keep up with any of the others.

And for the majority of my Raiding/Pugging life, I went as Frostfire.  Basically an “Icy Veins” fire build that utilizes the Frostfire bolt to reap the benefits of all those frost talents you took to get IV.  Another added benefit is a talent to reduce your required hit rating by 3%.  Very sexy for itemization.  Anyway, once I learned that spell power and crit were the way to go, I geared up and gemmed as best I could.  I could dish out 2800 – 3200 regularly and peak out at 3800 or so in a 25 man raid.

Arcane – I had always pondered about this one since the beginning of Burning Crusade, but I never bothered to try it until a month or two ago.  Ever since Wrath was released, I heard that Arcane was the way to go.  Most DPS EVARZ.   So I made my switch… and I definitely saw maybe a 500 dps increase over my “Frostfire” and even more if I utilized Arcane Blast appropriately.  It was fun to play, but I was expecting more.  I knew that I wasn’t properly geared for it, having put all my focus on crit and SP as opposed to haste.  I took a look at the work I’d have to do to re-gear for haste and basically gave up.  Too much work! 

So now I sit with full Fire (+TTW) spec.  I’m able to break 3500 dps regularly and I’ve peaked out at around 4900 (depending on the fight).  I had heard this spec was comparable to the Arcane spec, but I’m guessing if I was equally geared (same iLevel) but geared for more haste than crit, the Arcane spec would produce bigger numbers.  It’s also more flexible and less RNG dependent than Fire.

Now, I realize I’m not a progression raider.  I usually end up in VoA pugs and sometimes hop into a Naxx run just for fun.  I put out decent numbers and really I’m just splitting hairs, so I really shouldn’t worry about it.  (I don’t actually worry about it… but I do ponder!)  And with the changes coming in patch 3.3, this pondering of spec becomes a tad more complicated.

Frost is likely becoming a viable raiding spec.  Soon frost mages will have the option of a permanent water elemental (which probably pisses off Hunters and Warlocks. :P).  Also, the once only-useful-in-PvP 51 point talent “Deep Freeze” will dish out damage to stun-immune targets (read: raid bosses).  And from what I’ve read over at Critical QQ, it’s actually quite a bit of damage.

So, I’m left to wonder how I should proceed through the next patch.  I like all the mage builds and their various fuctions.  Living bomb with fire mage is a blast, Arcane is flexible and you can manage your mana and dps, and frost will keep you alive longer and make your healers slightly less frantic.  (You’ll still have to get out of the fire, you silly frosties!) 

Are there any other mages out there that have the same neurosis that I do over these choices?  Or do you play a spec because you enjoy it the most?  Should I just be happy that I’ve got good dps, even if I’m not uberleetmaximus?

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John Waynes of Azeroth

What this holiday needs is an Achievement called “The Hell I Won’t!“.

“I haven’t lost my temper in 40 years; but, Pilgrim, you caused a lot of trouble this morning; might have got somebody killed; and somebody oughta belt you in the mouth. But I won’t. I won’t. The hell I won’t!” – McLintock (1963)

I welcome suggestions as to what exactly one would have to do, to earn such an achievement!  Perhaps it should include hitting a person with their bare fists(no weapons armed) in a battleground!

Hmm…  of course that would go against the spirit of the holiday, wouldn’t it?


Obviously, I’m not the only person out there that associates the word “Pilgrim” with John Wayne.  Go check out the armory.  I dare you.

Kinda crazy, isn’t it.

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